The only transformation that makes sense

is a transformation that increases enterprise value.


Hi! I’m Cuan, co-founder of the HERO™ Transformaton Framework and author of the HERO™ Transformaton Playbook. 

I fundamentally believe that managing ‘the work’ at the heart of an enterprise transformation will result in more informed decision making and ultimately, better outcomes. It’s about creating a learning organisation while developing an internal mechanism that allows companies to evolve, meet, and beat competitors and market conditions.


The HERO™ Framework

At its heart HERO is an evidence-based approach to transform your organization from where you are now to where you want to get to with the highest chance of success.


The HERO™ Transformation Playbook

We have spent 20 years running, leading, delivering over $1bn of transformations, so we know what works and what does not. About 5 years ago we started to codify what we knew about successful transformations mostly for our teams and for our clients. This It is not like other “fluffy” change management approaches. We focus on the “hard” side of change, i.e. how does the delivery of your transformation result in a disproportionate increase in your company’s enterprise value.


HERO TMO (Transformation Management Office) is a purpose built digital tool to support your transformation. It is a program management solution for large scale change that reveals how the day to day delivery of the transformation is going to impact your organization..


If you want to have a chat around HERO please get in touch.