Last Thursday I was speaking at the Agile Evangelist meet up at skills matter. It is a new group of people focused on all things agile in London. I ran a version of the “35 Game”, (see an earlier post for more details on that)

On the night, the question that we asked was, what are key factors for companies to consider when adopting agile. There was lots of challenges created in writing the question this way, some intentional, some not.

In game learnings:

One in particular that keeps on recurring, seems to be that people are afraid to ask questions when encourage to proceed, rather than say, hold on, you’re asking me to do something that I don’t understand, people keep their heads down and get on with it,  it takes a few rounds of the game before the confusion reaches a breaking point for someone and they “shout” to get clarity.

At the start of the game, people were asked to write 1 idea per card, however with the plurality of the words “factors” people wrote many. Takeaway here is people pay more attention to what they read then hear.

When asked to “point” up the cards (i.e. distribute 7 points across both cards) some people wrote 7 bullet points for the idea, rather than award the cards a score out of the 7 points available. Takeaway here is that not all words mean the same to different people.

Game Outputs:
34 points – Improve the existing workflow and measure progress
23 points – TDD – improved quality
21 points – Real customer feedback
19 points – Reliability (unit testing, user involvement)
19 points –  support work starting with imperfect information
18 points – flexibility around changes
18 points – reduce the distance to the product owner
17 points – get small – easier to manage, smaller requirements, smaller teams
14 points – greater visibility, with reduced upfront admin
14 points – decision making, understanding the process
12 points – move to a Flow system
12 points – Co location
12 points – early visible value

So what were the key learning’s ?
There really is no wrong way to run this game, there are so many learning points that come up, in fact, the output on the cards are almost secondary to the in game learning’s that take place.

The same talk will take place on the 31st March, why not come and join in ?

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